Adrianna Silk Pillowcase

silky pillowcase. 100% natural silk

Adrianna Silk Pillowcase

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The Adrianna Silk Pillowcase is made of 100% mulberry silk, making it natural, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. With you at the fore-front, this product was made to ensure quality and durability so you can count on a good night’s sleep.


Benefits Of Adrianna Silk Pillowcase:

Creates less friction on curly hair
Reduces hair breakage
Stain resistance
Protects skin from sleep lines
Natural temperature regulator  


Silk has always been a beneficial product for your health. With its gentle, smooth, breathable texture, you’ll feel the difference immediately!


*All products are made from natural materials.

*Pillowcase can be machine washed. Scroll down for maschine-wash instructions.



-100% Silk Charmeuse.

-From Mulberry Silk.

-Highest quality silk.


Silk Care Instructions

Use PH Natural Detergent

Turn Pillows Inside Out Before Machine Wash.

Machine Wash Delicate 30 degrees celcius

Hand Wash 30 degrees 

Dry Clean

Iron Low Heat Steam or Dry

Do Not Bleach

Do Not Tumble Dry



Customer Reviews

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Great item

I love satin ad floral!!!! When we got it, we fell in love on it right away! Most definitely gonna order some more !we had the pillow case and wash it couple times, still look brand new. Quality is. 10 ! Keep it up


At first I didn't think a silk pillow case was going to do anything to my hair, but after a month of sleeping on it my hair actually felt softer in the morning when I woke up. I thought I was all in my head but I tired sleeping on a regular pillow case and my hair didn't feel as soft. I had gotten one as a gift and I had to get another one right away. Having a silk pillow case is defiantly an experience it is very soft and just makes you have a goodnights sleep in my opinion. I have 2 of the black pillow cases and it goes well with my bedding and makes my bed look very elegant. I will defiantly have to order another color/set whenever I decide to change my sheets. Also just tossing them in the washer and hang drying worked for me and still keeps them nice and soft :)


I’ve been using the silk pillowcase for a little over two months now and I’ve seen a big improvement with my hair frizz. The silk also feels soft and cool to the skin so it helps me stay asleep. And i love how it stays looking new even after washing!

My dream pillow case😍

I really love the pillow case, It feels soft and when in contact with skin, the feeling is awesome . I would recommend anyone to try it.

Best Bonnet ever

I love love my Bonnet. Keeps my edges intact and gives that soft feel

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