Why Silk?

Silk Isn’t Just Luxury. 
We all know that silk is the world's luxurious fabric. The epitome of luxury. It looks lustrous and is lightweight, durable, and extremely strong fiber. What many don’t know is that silk is also extremely beneficial for your health. It is adaptive, meaning it can regulate temperature. It gives off a cool feel which helps your skin breathe and feel calm.
Silk is natural and the most hypoallergenic of all the fabrics. It’s extremely hard for dust mites, molds and other allergies to sneak onto your fabric without sliding right off. It's smooth surface resists soil and odors as well. It absorbs less moisture and dirt and thus may be a better choice for people with eczema and acne. It does not pick up as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does. Also, because of it's frictionless nature this prevents damage to your hair. Overall, silk can improve your skin, appearance and health. 
Why is it expensive?
This goes to the high production costs and high quality. There is such an amount of work that goes into creating silk. You need to know how to distinguish the real and the fake pieces of silk synthetically made just to bait. 
How to care for it? 
You may be worried about owning silk due to it's delicate cleaning instructions. Our silk pieces are machine washable. Make sure to use gentle wash detergent. You can turn garments into inside out before washing then turn it in delicate machine wash setting. 
Silk  is an investment and so are you. 
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